About us

Czech company RECMAN has been making the production of isotachophoretic analysers since 1986 with the trademarks: AGROFOR (1986 – 1991), IONOSEP 900.1 (1991 – 1996).In 1996 we began to co-operate with Charles’ University in Prague and several other companies and we developed a quite new apparatus with autosampler. This considerable innovation was usage of a high-frequency contactless conductivity detector, which was constructed at the Faculty of Natural Science, Charles’ University in Prague, and was protected by several Czechoslovak patents.

Nowadays company RECMAN – laboratory systems has many expirience with developing ITP/CZE analyzers. We are good team of experts at chemistry, electrotechnics, developers and programmers.

We have a lot of satisfied customers in Czech republic as you can see on our references.

We are looking forward to cooperation with you.