Couple-column ITP/CZE analyzer unit IONOSEP 2002

Couple-column ITP/CZE analyzer unit  IONOSEP 2002

The device is designed for separations and analyses of ionic compounds (organic acids and bases, inorganic cations and anions, aminoacids, etc.).
The device is fully automated isotachophoregraph controlled by the computer. The instrument is equipped with autosampler (10 positions), two contactless high-frequency conductivity detectors and UV-VIS detector (200 – 600 nm).
The coupled capillaries (preseparation capillary 0.6 mm ID x 100 – 300 mm, analytical capillary 0.25 mm ID x 50 – 300 mm) configuration enables perform analyses in several modes as follows:

  • One-dimensional capillary isotachophoresis (CITP)
  • Two-dimensional capillary isotachophoresis (2D-CITP)
  • On-line coupled capillary isotachophoresis – capillary zone
    electrophoresis  (CITP-CZE)

IONOSEP 2002 is controlled by software package running on personal computer under Windows 9X/2000/NT/XP.The supplied software package enables monitoring of analysis, evaluating of analysis, printing of protocols and exporting data.