HISTORY & DEVELOP OF IONOSEP The analysers for capillary electrophoresis are made by many prominent (Hewlett Packard, Beckman, Dionex, Waters etc.) and the capacity of their production has been still growing. Another producer of such equipment working on the same principle is the Czech firm RECMAN – LABORATORY TECHNOLOGY – OSTRAVA, which has been making the production of isotachophoretic analysers since 1986 with the trademarks: AGROFOR (1986 – 1991), IONOSEP 900.1 (1991 – 1996). Thanks to moderate prices and its minimum disorders, a lot those analysers’ work in the Czech republic and also abroad in manufactures, scientific and research institutions, at various secondary schools and Technical Universities. In 1996 because of other innovations this firm began to co-operate with VŠCHT PRAHA, UK – PRAHA, VÚVŽ OSTRAVA, MAE electronics OSTRAVA and with Slovak software firm KasComp BRATISLAVA and we developed a quite new apparatus with autosampler. This considerable innovation was usage of a high-frequency contactless conductivity detector, which was constructed at the Faculty of Natural Science, Charles’ University in Prague, and was protected by several Czechoslovak patents. It is unique equipment, which is able to measure electric conductivity of electrolytes inside of thin capillaries without galvanic touch.  In the apparatus IONOSEP, it is used like conductive detector. Modus of capillary isotachophoresis, which uses IONOSEP most often, puts great demands on space differential efficiency of the detector, in other words on very small detection volume of measuring cell. The detector itself uses unique 4 electrodes conductivity cell and that’s why detection volume makes just 0.04 nl. The contactless detector can stop such electrodes phenomena like electrolysis, polarization of electrodes, and their deterioration. The detector moreover uses inner “autocalibration loop” by means of the latest electronics there is gained the fact that the detector doesn’t depend on occasional changes of parameters. Installing and setting up this analyser with all its equipment the whole effect of made analyses considerably can grow high. At the same time the economy of its production grows too. According to the market research a lot of users are interested in such automatic analysers. At present there is completed the development of a new full-automatic, 2 capillary electrophoretic analyser with sample changer and with two conductivity and UV-VIS detectors (200 – 600 nm) with the trademark IONOSEP 2002 and its producing was started in series.

The whole project of these new sorts of analysers IONOSEP 2001 and IONOSEP 2002 was supported and monitored by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic